For a successful stay, we believe you need a friendly and comfortable home environment and it is for this reason that we do our best to ensure it. We carefully select and regularly visit each accommodation, many of whom we have been working with for years.

Host Family Programme

Our Irish host families will offer you their hospitality, a cosy place and the opportunity for a true cultural exchange during your stay in Ireland. Families are typically located within 30 minutes walking distance from the school.

We believe this is one of the best way to get to know the culture of our country. You will enjoy this comfortable home-style experience yet still have your independence. While living with the family, you share the common areas such as the bathroom, kitchen and living room with the family, so it must be understood that each student must adhere to the rules and customs of their host family.

Our half board option includes breakfast and dinner each day and full board also includes a packed five piece lunch prepared by the host family.

Cost depends on length of stay and on/off peak season.

Hotel Accomodation

There are a number of hotels within walking distance of Language Academy Ireland. Please contact us if you would like us to make arrangements for your stay in one.