Demi Pair Study Programme

Demi Pair students benefit from total immersion in the English language, by living with a nearby family. The course provides an economical way to live in Bray while studying at Language Academy Ireland. Host families are grateful for help around the home. The host family will be happy to provide a private room for the student with a study desk and full-board accommodation. The demi-pair will dine with the host family and experience the Irish way of life.

Most families are within walking disance of the school. All students receive a bus ticket to cover nearby travel to Bray and Dublin. The demi-pair will be welcomed as another member of the family. This programme is available year round, for between 12 weeks and 12 months.

At present, we are using an outside agency to place all of our Demi-pairs. When you complete the form below, we will send your information to the agency and they will contact you directly.

For more information contact us on

Our Host Family Programme Agreement, which must be signed by both parties before commencement of the Programme, is modelled on recommendations from the International Au Pair Association.