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Why Bray?

Bray has been awarded the prestigious international Purple Flag award. Ireland is among the top destinations in the world for learning English and where better to have that experience than 35 minutes from Dublin city centre in the seaside town of Bray. The language learning industry in Ireland is renowned for its warm welcome, dedicated teachers and consistent results. We have a rich cultural heritage ready to be shared through the medium of music, literature and art. Every year approximately 130,000 foreign students choose Ireland as their destination for learning English. Come to the land of 100.000 welcomes for an experience you and your students will never forget.

Why Our Academy?

LAI has used the collective experience from all of its staff to make the best language learning experience available. Findings based on students’ feedback enable us to pinpoint the most attractive features of our school. We have been praised for our wonderful host families, the quality of education and the location itself. You need only to read the student testimonials on our “About” page to find out what they really thought of their language learning experience.

At LAI Bray, we are always open to fostering new relationships with agents and agencies. If you are an individual or work for an agency who is interested in recruiting students for our academy, just give us a call or email our office and we will be happy to give you a fuller picture of what this entails. You can also fill out our form below to ensure a speedy reply relevant to your situation.

Our School

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