Our Courses

At LAI Bray, we provide English courses for people of all ages from 12 years old and upwards. We pride ourselvses in how we service our students to make their learning experience as memorable as possible. We have small class sizes, friendly atmosphere, and great location just a few minutes from the captial city.

We also welcome students from other countries who already live in Ireland, and who want to improve their English – for college or university entry, to advance their careers, or for any other reason.

Adult Courses

LAI Bray offers tailor-made courses for adults. There are a range of courses here on offer such as exam preparation, learning english as you work through organised internships, one to one tuition and more. We have a complete list and detailed explanation of each one for you so that you make the righ choice.

LAI Bray offers tailor-made courses for juniors aged from 9-18 years old and small groups of adult learners all year round. Our school offers all types of lessons and activities. We have a wealth of experience in making your stay the best it can be. We can accommodate all types of groups and their needs from an intensive study week for high schoolers to a cultural programme for the more experienced traveller.

High school Programme

Our High School programme is a wonderful way to experience total English language immersion for teenagers. Students will benefit from a whole new cultural experience through living and learning all their subjects in English. As a result of this they will continue their education, learn new life skills and reach fluency in English at a much faster pace than their peers. Besides the academic benefits, the social outcomes are boundless. Students will make new friends from other cultures, establish life-long contacts, become more independent and will gain huge self-confidence. You can be sure that by enrolling your child in a high school programme, you will have given them a gift with life-long benefits.

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